Web Site Updates

I thought I’d share with you some of the upcoming topics I plan to cover on this blog over the next few months. For the last few weeks I’ve been running a series on Webmaster and SEO tools. I aim to wrap that series up next week so I can focus on other areas. There is a lot more for me to learn in this field so it is an area I may come back to later in the year.

I plan to run a few more series on other topics over the remainder of this year, so if you’ve got any suggestions on topics you’d like to see then let me know. I will be also be writing more reviews on electronic gadgets, an area I’ve neglected recently. I’ll elaborate more on this soon.

The articles I’ve written on Ubuntu have been some of the most popular on this site so far, so expect to see more in this area too.

Finally, my Feedburner subscription reached the milestone of 100 readers today, so if you’re one of the recent new subscribers then welcome aboard

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