How to Increase Blog Subscriber Numbers

Two months ago I tweaked my blog layout to encourage visitors to subscribe by email. Since then my email subscriptions have tripled.

Many blogs already offer an email subscription facility, normally a text box or link in the sidebar, where a user enters their email address. But I believe you can target more readers by offering the same facility at the end of each blog article.

I already provide a link at the end of each blog article encouraging readers to subscribe to my RSS feed. I simply extended this to include an email subscription link.

Here is an example of what is shown at the end of each blog article.

A large proportion of my readers find this site via Google whilst looking for gadget reviews. Many of these readers may not know what a blog is, let alone RSS, but email is something everyone understands. Providing an email subscription service at the end of each blog article can tap in to this reader base.
Why not try this out on your blog and let me know how successful it is.