Cygnett Unison i-X5 iPod Speakers Review

SpeakerThis review looks at the Cygnett Unison i-X5 iPod speakers and docking station. We’ve been looking to buy a set of iPod speakers for some time now and finally opted for these. We bought the black speakers, but they are also available in red and white.

Box Contents

This is what you get in the box.

2 i-X5 speakers (left and right)
iPod dock for charging and syncing with iTunes
iPod inserts for docking cradle
Remote control
USB cable for connecting the docking cradle to your PC
Power cable for speakers
Power cable for docking cradle
1.5 metre S-Video cable
5 metre audio cable (6.5mm)
5 metre audio cable for iPod dock (3.5mm)
Sticky foam pad feet for speakers
User manual
The technical specifications are as follows:

Size: 270mm (H) x 176.5mm (W) x 197mm (D)
Weight: 10kg
Built-in 5 inch subwoofer
Tweeter 1 inch
Amplification: 70W
First Impressions

Our first impressions of the speakers were very good. The built quality was very good and the high-gloss finish gave the speakers a lovely shiny appearance.

The left speaker has a built-in amplifier, power switch, volume control, headphone jack, 6.5mm jack output, auxiliary left and right RCA line input, vent port and blue LED power indicator. The right speaker has an audio connection to join with the left speaker.
The dock consists of one USB port, DC in, audio line-out connection and S-Video port on the rear, a remote control receiver on the front and a set of volume buttons on the top.

Setup was very straightforward. The dock is plugged into a power socket using the power cable. The 3.5mm audio cable connects the iPod dock to the Aux In port on the left speaker. The Jack output on each speaker is then connected together using the 6.5mm audio cable.

A variety of dock inserts are provided depending on your make and model of iPod. Slot the appropriate insert into the dock and then you’re ready to attach the iPod. You can optionally use the USB cable to connect the iPod dock to your PC and sync with iTunes.

If you want to connect the speakers to a computer sound card or other audio device then a left and right RCA line input is provided on the back of the left speaker.

Setup took us around 10 minutes. If you intend to view videos from your iPod then you will need to connect the provided S-Video cable from the dock to your TV.

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