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Garmin ecoRoute HD Onboard Computer Review

enter The cheapest satellite navigation from TomTom, Garmin and every other brand, PDA system and digital picture frames After using the Garmin ecoRoute HD for 2 weeks I found that overall I did save a few pennies and that I did manage to cut down my daily miles. I think that if I would have used […]

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Testing Your Web Site In Different Browsers dynatec sa click dynatec sa A couple of weeks ago I was reading a blog post about testing your web site in different browsers. I can’t remember where I read this story but it linked to, which is a free open source online service. This online service enables you to see what your web site will look like on […]


Ubuntu 7.04 Upgrade First Impressions

source url Today I upgraded my machine from Ubuntu 6.10 to Ubuntu 7.04, and just like my previous upgrade from Ubuntu 6.06 to 6.10, the whole process went very smoothly. Apart from a couple of minor issues with the new desktop effects, which I’ll go into more detail later in this post, everything else went fine. The […]