Zen Performs Well In UK Broadband Survey

Many of you in the UK may be familiar with a recent broadband satisfaction survey conducted by the BBC Watchdog program.

Some of these surveys need to be taken with a pinch of salt and there is always arguments about how accurate they are, but I was glad to see my ISP – Zen Internet – coming in 3rd place with a satisfaction rating of 93%.

I’ve been with Zen for many months now and I’ve been extremely happy with the service I’ve received. I’ve never had to deal with their customer support team, since my broadband connection is so reliable, so I cannot comment on how good their customer support is. But in terms of broadband reliability I cannot fault them. This is completely opposite to the experience I had with Plusnet, my previous ISP.

Much of the improvement in my broadband connection, since switching to Zen, is undoubtedly down to me improving the internal phone wiring in my house, and fixing a filtered ADSL face plate on the master socket. BT may have improved the technology behind MaxDSL since it was first launched as well? But I’m sure having my broadband connection with Zen has helped too.

You pay a bit more with Zen but I think it is worth the extra. In addition, by focusing on broadband and hosting, rather than trying to provide a broadband, telephone or TV service bundle, Zen can focus on providing good service in one area, rather than being a ‘jack of all trades and master of none’. I would certainly recommend Zen if you’re looking for a decent internet service provider.

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