When you are travelling especially abroad you would have come across times where you will need to find things quickly. During such times your online search engines may suddenly decide to play with you and show you country based choices and seldom need based. There isn’t much left for you to do then.

Therefore, it is better that you are prepared for anything and everything while you travel. You can always turn to some of the most reliable and useful travel applications that can be your face saving grace in a foreign country. Here is my handpicked list of iPad and iPhone applications that will help you make your travels a lot easier…

Useful App No.1 – TripIt
Why it is so – This app shows your updated travel itinerary that includes flight details, transportation timings, flight delays, confirmation numbers, etc. A handy travel app like this one can be very useful when travelling saving you the anxiety of such travel plans. This app also can be synced with your calendar hence giving you reminders and notifications of appointments and schedules. In short, this will serve you like an electronic diary and reminder service only that it can be carried and used anywhere you go.

Useful App No.2 – XE Currency
Why it is so – Travellers come across different market places all over the world and at times you will find that one special vendor offering you a ‘special deal’ that costs you just 500 francs for purse. You will be tempted to believe that it is a good bargain price but will be shocked to note that it is way more than what you will buy when you convert into your currency. XE Currency comes in handy in such situations where currency conversions can be done in a jiffy. This app can convert any major or minor currency all over the world based on the updated conversion rates.

Useful App No.3 – Hotel Tonight
Why it is so – Booking last minute hotel rooms can happen when you are a frequent traveller. You will find yourself on the streets not knowing where to go at times especially in larger and busier cities like New York, Chicago, London, Paris, Mumbai, Melbourne, Athens, Toronto, etc. The Hotel Tonight app is the ideal travel app for last minute hotel bookings. Also this offers info on hotels that give you the best rates. You can book a hotel through the app for less. E.g. The Helmsley Park Lane Hotel in New York City charges $700 per night but when you book through the app, you can get it for $300!

Useful App No.4 – Smarter Paris
Why it is so – It isn’t an easy task to find your way in a place with a different lingual. Paris is one of the most commonly visited place among tourists in the world and you may feel like a fish out of water if you do not know French. You may find it more difficult if you are asking for directions. Smarter Paris comes to the rescue of those who are visiting the City of Lights. This is an out and out Paris guide that provides you with tips and hints most suited to you. The highlight here is that this is offline! All info regarding routes, landmarks, restaurants, hotels, tourist locales, history of the place you are visiting, getaway spots, activities, info on monuments, and many more on Paris is offered through this app. A real pocket friend that helps you find your way in the streets of the French capital.

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