It is no news that cloud computing is fast gaining ground across the globe and many businesses today are moving towards it the Fast and Furious way! We know how it did in the past, but here is a look at the future of this fast evolving technology. Here are some predictions that will help in understanding the evolution of cloud computing in 2015…

Microsoft’s Cloud Revenues to Exceed On-site Sales
Imagine the day Microsoft’s cloud technology revenue surpassing its on-premises sales such Exchange, SQL Server, Windows Server, etc. Well, that is expected in the coming months and by the end of 2015 don’t be surprised when it happens. Thanks to Office 365 and Azure you will see Microsoft declaring a surge in their cloud revenues. With Sathya Nadella, Microsoft CEO, focussing on tapping the mobile cloud market, we will see this happening probably much sooner than the year-end!

Integration of On-premises Services and Multiple Cloud Services
The Application Programming Interface (API) and REST interface management solutions moving forward together, IT departments and service providers will be able to integrate on-site services and multiple cloud solutions.

A Red on Cloud Hacks
When technology moves forward there are bound to be hiccups along the way. Cloud hacks could become unavoidable no matter how much cloud services try their best to stick by their safety and security promise. In most cases though there is a possibility of the customer being the culprit. It could be a result of lack of training and poor compliance practice. “If cloud computing is not done the proper way, there is a good chance that end-user organisations can end-up accessing third party SaaS Services”, says Cloud London 365 spokesperson while referring to the downsides of cloud computing in the present day. This is also evident in the 2015 predictions issued by Forrester.

Docker Container Technology Will Stay Afloat Everywhere
Major public cloud providers already are supporting Docker, the open source container technology and more companies are expected to join the bandwagon. It will enable customers to easily build, move and manage applications on the cloud which will become a huge benefit for them. This will increase the popularity of Docker and more public cloud providers will be moving onto it.

Managing the Hybrid Cloud Will Become A Possibility
Many businesses today want the best of both worlds and hence are choosing Hybrid Cloud. The only disadvantage with this choice is that it makes cloud management a little complicated when compared to an entire public or private cloud choice. The nuances of this is expected to be made good and those hybrid users can rejoice as the year 2015 will see an increased portfolio of tools that will make hybrid cloud management easy.

Reduction in Cloud Storage Costs
The law of demand and supply in relation to price will apply here and with the demand for cloud computing being stable there has been a sudden surge of companies that offer cloud storage. This will affect cloud storage costs and will decrease it substantially. Though this is good news for the customers, this is not a very encouraging sign for the storage companies. It is recommended that the small timers move into eDiscovery, disaster recovery, business continuity services, and the likes.

In short, Cloud Computing is all set to enjoy a good ride with some minor bumps along the way in 2015. The predictions are out, but we have to wait till the end of the year to evaluate how right or wrong they were (fingers crossed).

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