While it is very common for all the phones to slip off from hands, iPhone is more likely to fall due to the slippery body and slim design. When iPhone falls, the screen usually breaks down because it is made up of glass. Also, the broken screen cannot be ignored even if your iPhone is working fine because the broken glass may have sharp edges that may cause injury. Therefore, repairing is necessary. While iPhone’s screen repairing is quite expensive, it is definitely cheaper than buying a new iPhone and so people decide getting it repaired. Some people buy tools and accessories and replace the screen themselves.

While this is possible, the risk is not worth taking. The glass screen and LCD are joined together which is, in fact, a good feature because there is no chance of dust getting in during the repair. A better option is to give the phone to a professional I actually used a local company called Tech Medics, this is because the screen and some of the internal components need to be removed carefully, cleaned and fitted back properly. Fitting the components back is very difficult and only skilled people can perform the task perfectly.

Even if you get your iPhone repaired from a professional shop, make them feel like you know how to check the phone after it is repaired. If you ask the following questions before handing over the iPhone, the shopkeeper will make sure he provides a quality service:

What is the testing process?

Once iPhone is repaired, it is very necessary to test all the functions properly because very often a repair could lead to another problem. Depending on the professionalism of the repairers, iPhone can either be tested by one or more experts for either a few hours or two to three days. If the iPhone is not properly tested before returning it to the owner, other problems may emerge after some time.

What quality of the screen will you use?

iPhone screens come in various qualities. If you are unaware, the shopkeeper might use a low-quality screen and charge a high price making you believe that he is using a good quality iPhone screen. A poor quality screen may not be easily recognized immediately but will show results later on. At times, people prefer cheap repairs and end up getting poor quality screens due to which their iPhone becomes useless after some time. Also, cheap screens usually do not fit properly on the screen and you can easily witness gaps.

Do they offer a warranty?

When repairers are confident about their work, they will offer a few weeks warranty so you can satisfactorily check your iPhone by using it as much as possible. This is because they know the work they have done is perfect and iPhone is properly tested. When repairer asks you to check it within a day, he has probably done something poorly with your iPhone that you may not be able to detect. Therefore, ask for the warranty before giving it for a repair.

These questions will make the repairers alert and you can get your perfect iPhone back by choosing the not-so-cheap repairing method.

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