Tablets have been long lauded for becoming laptop replacements, yet not many have been able to live up to the expectations that the common man has when it comes to performance, speed and efficiency. Old timers still talk about how best their PCs are and how they are irreplaceable. Laptops do come close to it but Tablets?!

While I was pondering on that question, I was browsing the internet when I came across the much advertised and expected launch of Microsoft Surface Pro3. With a daring proclamation that this would be the laptop replacement that people are looking for, it caught my interest. I browsed through a number of sites like Engadget, Tech Radar, PC Pro, etc. to know what I can expect. I came across some interesting info and review in the Prosyn website (an IT Support company who also occasionally write about the London tech scene). It was mentioned that though clearly it is an attempt at creating a bridge between the laptop and the tablet, there are plenty of gaps that need to be filled in. Though the review was a bit sceptical, I found it to be fairly honest coming from one of the best IT support companies.

Luxury of Space
Being the experimental techie that I am, I placed an order just for the curiosity of understanding how this works and of course to help in my reviews. I received my order in mail and the first thing that struck me was the larger display. The Surface Pro 3 was definitely an improved version of Pro 2, with a 38% larger display and a breathtakingly crisp 2160 x 1440 pixel resolution. You got to be appreciative of the vertical real estate you have at your disposal which ensures a productive and more luxurious workspace which is more than handy especially while multitasking.

Behind the Scenes
If you are not one of those that give importance to looks, then you will be appreciative of the behind the scene upgrades. In spite of being physically larger in screen dimensions, there is an evident chopping of 0.23 inches in width and 0.24 pounds in weight when compared to the Pro 2. However there has been an upgrade of Core processors including the Core i7 in the line-up. The throughput time for the potential WiFi is increased thanks to the faster 802.11ac WiFi standard used.

Sleek and Trim
To be real honest, I have never been a fan of large and bulky objects. I felt the original Surface Pro was exactly that. This version though is trim, slim and sleek, making it alluring on first look.

Processor Options
It comes in a range of processor options i3, i5 and i7. The price depends on the processor you choose. For me, I always root for the i7. Speed is something that I love and there is no going back on that. For those who are looking for optimal speed, you can choose the other two.

Booting Time
It has a close to crazy booting time! It boots up real quick that when using it first I actually thought that I hadn’t shut it down! I think the improvised SSD technology has a lot to do with this.

Microsoft deserves a pat on the back for offering a product that hones in what buyers increasingly want – an uncomplicated spacious thin glass that makes work and play easy. Performance wise, we have to wait and see how it goes!

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